Are You an Animal Lover? Reasons for a controversial campaign.

Commenting on the stunt, Juliet Gellatley, said:

“To be honest, why would I want to do a stunt with a dead pig? I have spent years exposing the suffering of these beautiful animals. I have repeatedly witnessed the appalling and inexcusable torment of innocent beings. I produced a documentary, Hogwood: a Modern Horror Story, aired on Netflix about their plight. But we are at a critical point. Over one billion animals are factory farmed in the UK each year and we have to wake the public up. Their decisions about what to eat are dominated by a global industry intent on continuing the massacre of innocent beings.”

In the news, Juliet said:

“As a society we treat cats and dogs as part of our families but see animals such as pigs, chickens and cows as commodities. Tens of millions of people in the UK eat factory farmed animals but very few are happy to look at their whole dead body, see how they are farmed or witness how they are killed. This stunt serves as a reminder that the beef burger you order or the bacon sandwich you cook isn’t a faceless ingredient; it comes from a living creature that experienced similar emotions to your beloved cats and dogs. Pigs are sensitive, emotional and highly intelligent. The only distinction between a deceased pig and a deceased cat or dog is your perception. If the sight of a dead cat or dog disgusts you, that same sentiment should be applied when seeing a dead pig.”

“We knew that this stunt would shock people, but what’s more shocking to me is that billions of animals are subjected to horrifying treatment before being massacred for human consumption. The abhorrent process of breeding and slaughtering sentient beings has no place in a civilised society. How can we claim to be nation of animal lovers when we engage in such moral hypocrisy? It’s time we apply the same consideration to farmed animals, as we do our pets at home.

“Not only is farming animals awful for the poor creatures who are imprisoned and killed, but it has a wider impact on the climate crisis. Humanity’s appetite for meat, dairy, fish and eggs is destroying wildlife and in doing so, threatening the lives of so many other species – including our own.

“My career spans more than 30 years and I have investigated countless factory farms and have witnessed firsthand the extreme suffering that the animals endure. We must show them the same compassion we show our pets by not eating them and going vegan now.”

Juliet Gellatley